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40年老品牌,通過多項國際食品安全認證,一嚐招牌雪花冰,細緻爽口,入口即化的幸福滋味!This old shop, operating for 40 years, has obtained many international certificates of food safety. Once you try the specialty – snow ice, the exquisite and refreshing taste melts in your mouth. That is the taste of happiness!

  • 高雄市, 三民區
  • 807高雄市三民區九如一路879-1號
  • 虛擬票券



【現打冰沙】Oreo拿鐵咖啡冰沙/Oreo雪球冰沙 二選一

【厚片土司】旗魚鬆厚片/草莓戀人厚片 二選二

【雪花冰】三寶花生雪花冰(大)/三寶牛奶雪花冰(大) 二選一

【多多好滋味】蘋果多多/草莓多多/芒果多多/奇異果多多 四選一

【特調鮮果飲】葡萄柚汁/翡翠檸檬寒天 二選一

【拿鐵人人愛】可可拿鐵/玫瑰拿鐵/抹茶拿鐵 三選一


【QQ好口感】芒果Q果粒/葡萄柚Q果粒 二選一



[Discount] Discount for products of 100 NTD value

Original price: NTD 100    CityPass price: NTD 75


[freshly made shaved ice] Oreo latte shaved ice/ Oreo snowball shaved ice – choose 1 out of 2

Original price: NTD 65    CityPass price: NTD 49


[thick toast] fish powder thick toast/ strawberry thick toast (both)

Original price: NTD 80    CityPass price: NTD 69


[snow ice] Three jewels peanuts snow ice (big)/ Three jewels milk shaved ice (big) – choose 1 out of 2

Original price: NTD 60    CityPass price: NTD 49


[assorted taste] apple duoduo / strawberry duoduo / mango duoduo / kiwi duoduo– choose 1 out of 4

Original price: NTD 60    CityPass price: NTD 49


[classic refreshing drink] grapefruit juice/ jade lemon tea – choose 1 out of 2

Original price: NTD 50    CityPass price: NTD 39


[latte] cocoa latte/ rose latte/ matcha latte – choose one out of 3

Original price: NTD 50    CityPass price: NTD 39


[freshly ground coffee] affogato ice coffee

Original price: NTD 50    CityPass price: NTD 39


[QQ drink] mango QQ drink/ grapefruit QQ drink – choose 1 out of 2

Original price: NTD 45   CityPass price: NTD 39


[classic warm drinks] ginger milk / longan latte

Original price: NTD 50    CityPass price: NTD 39



Charmy Snow Ice promotes hygiene, health, good nutrition and natural, delicious food and drinks! No artificial colorants nor preservatives are added so that the client can have natural and healthy food. The best ingredients in the world are selected and added to ice for the client to eat the best food.


佈局超過20個國家,國內6項塑化劑檢驗全數合格,並通過國際食品安全認證:ISO 22000、國際HACCP、回教HALAL證書、日本厚生省檢驗合格、FDA美國食品藥物合格證書,用料實在,保證安心。

The store has obtained certificates of over 20 countries, 6 national certificates for of no-plasticizers. The international food safety certificates obtained include: ISO 22000, international HACCP, Muslim Halal Food Certification, Japanese MHLW Certification, FDA food safety certification. The ingredients used are high-quality and it’s guaranteed on paper!




1. 口感綿密,入口即化。

2. 新鮮水果與牛奶製程。

3. 低糖、低脂、低熱量、無負擔。

4. 熱量是一般冰品的1/3

5. 不添加防腐劑。

6. 熟冰製程。

| 6 characteristics of Charmy Snow Ice:

1. refined texture, melting in your mouth

2. fresh fruits and milk

3. low in sugar, fat and caloric value

4. 1/3 of the caloric value of other ice products

5. no preservatives added

6. good preparation process


▎雪花冰系列 Snow ice series



Volcano explosion

Snow ice of fine texture with meat powder and seaweed, wafer tubes and chocolate sauce has an irresistible multi-layer taste.




Fruit paradise

Fresh seasonal fruits on snow ice, colorful, refreshing and delicious, it’s the best thing for hot weather.


▎飲料系列 Drinks series



Papaya milk

Intense, fresh and delicious milk with carefully selected sweet papaya, irresistible and pleasurable.



Japanese-style matcha latte




Taro milk

Sweet milk tea combined with chewy taro is a perfect sweet choice for people of all ages!


注意事項 Note




4.需遵守 兌換券須知 及店家現場消費規定。

5.營業時間:週一至週日 09:30~22:00。

6.聯絡電話: (07)382-7357


1. No need to pre-order, please inform the vendor on spot that you will be using this voucher.

2. The vouchers can be used for dining in and take-away, but not for food delivery. The number of vouchers one can use is unlimited.

3. The offer may vary according to seasons. Please take reference of the menu and prices on spot.

4. The vendor’s rules and the content of ‘Before you buy’ on CityPass website shall be observed.

5. Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 09:30-22:00

6. Contact number: (07)382-7357